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  • We serve your special need
    We serve customers of homes owners; public building , industry and agriculture sectors. Our products range from as small as 110-liter solar boiler system to as large as 50MW solar power plant.
  • We deliver knowledge rather than products
    Before and after our system delivery, we offer to our clients free consultations, training courses on the related topics in solar technology. These services will be provided by our expert-network.
  • We offer turn-key solution
    Together with our expert-network, we offer A Complete Green Solution: Start from free consultation, followed by solution proposal & integration of BIPV concept, to products selection and systems implementation. We strive to provide a total service and long-term support to our clients.
  • We help you to coupe with the financial cricis!
    QuSolar, we design and manufacture our own high quality solar systems. We also select top quality China made European standard products and import it back to Europe at very low cost. With our stricktly chosen sellections, we guarantee you to enjoy the quality service while saving much cost than buying the luxry brands.