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was founded in 2010 and is operating both in The Netherlands and in China.

It affiliates to the private investing company, the Partner Investment (PI)  which is a leading private investment company operating purely in solar energy industry (only open to selected community). With the knowledge of the PI, QuSolar rapidly positioned itself in the center of solar technology innovations, such as PV and solar thermal innovaions, and is becoming an expert in providing the latest and most stable solar products in the market.  

Our main specialization are Customer Tailored Designing and Cost Saving Trading. Our company employs highly trained specialists who are constantly improving their methods of work and whose skills are verified by the corresponding certificates. 

The network of close partnerships is another advantage of our company. Our strategic-partner list includes the leading PV product producers, BIPV planing engineers and trading experts. This network guarantees the designing and selection of our solar products meet efficiently our ''top-quality, low-cost'' concept.    

Our clients and their needs are our main consideration. This and only this allows us to keep the leading position and win our clients' trust and respect.