Solar panels
  A1 quality QuSolar PV panel

   Solar heating

Solar collector
  QS HQ-U 47/1500
  QS HQ-S 58/1800
  QS HQ-Flat
Split solar water heater system
  QS 200 Liter system
  QS 300 Liter system
  QS 500 Liter system
Integrative pressurized (200L)
Integrative non-pressurized (185L)
  1. Pressurized Tank
  2. Solar workstation
  3. Circulate Pump
  4. Solar controller
  5. Electric heater
  6. Pipe Fitting

QuSolar Collections and project picutres

  1. High efficiency collectors x6 (>93%, heat loss<6%) : 12sqm effective (16,20,24 tubes per collecter)
  2. tank 500 Liter, stanless-steel or ceramic coating, 2coil
  3. wilo pump x1
  4. Controller x1, large display
  5. 18 Liter reservoir
  6. electric heater x1 (optional)

Yearly gain: >20GJ !

Note: more details please consult with our designer for tailored system design




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